The Cave Of Wonders

This is also known as “my basement”.

The entrance to my basement is not nearly this cool.

This weekend was the last-ditch “seriously clean your stuff up and get packed” effort.  My dad left for his job (starts today!), my mom was trying to do a garage sale, and Geoff was here with a trailer to take back as much as possible, so it was a bit chaotic.

I’ll admit, I didn’t have things packed up in my room as much as I should have.  I had made a lot of progress, but I wasn’t as prepared as I should have been.  Sorry honey!

What I was really unprepared for was that I hadn’t really had time to go through all the boxes I had in the basement.  When we did the move here, it was in between my freshman and sophomore years of college, and we didn’t get into this house until 1 week before I was suppose to leave for the new year.  Anything that didn’t get unpacked in those few days went to the basement with the idea that I’d do it on a break.  Funny thing about college breaks, you don’t really feel like doing any work in those days off.  6 years later, I still hadn’t gone through those boxes, despite going “man I wish I knew where _____ was, it’s probably in one of those boxes” many, many times.

Some of them we just threw in the trailer and said we’d do later since we had a pretty good idea what was in there, but there were some we went through knowing a good bit would probably be trash or good for the donation pile.  Turns out I essentially had a time-capsule hanging out in that corner of the basement.

I found old yearbooks, photo albums, my score and set binder from the marching band days, all the trophies and medals from swimming and softball in the single digit and pre-teen years, my Girl Scout binder, my old GameBoy Color (and my games!), many self-made t-shirts for the various groups I was a part of, even my collection of Pokémon cards.  I’m a very sentimental and nostalgic kind of person, so to go through these boxes that hadn’t been touched in years and find all of this was really great.  It was a bit of an unexpected experience for the weekend, but great nonetheless.

The basement is devoid of any boxes bearing my name, and the only furniture left in my room is my bed.  Geoff took all the rest of the furniture and large/heavy boxes back in the trailer yesterday, and the hope is the little bit that is left will fit in my car without too much trouble.  I have a few days left to pack up the random bits that remain before I head up to Michigan to join Geoff.  I get a few days to settle in and relax, and then I start my new job!  Goodness knows the next 2 weeks will give me plenty of things to write about here…

Did you do anything special with your weekend?


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  1. I can relate! Although I have gone through my stuff at my parents (marching band folders, I found those too!) This weekend I went through out basement AND my closet to organize and clean out stuff. It is amazing how fast things accumulate…and how much cardboard wedding gifts generate! Agh! I am so sick of cardboard boxes! It feels good to be a little less cluttered now though…especially since I start grad school monday!

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