Sometimes The Universe Knows Something You Don’t: The Job Hunt Continues

In favor of finishing up the wedding posts, I stopped talking about the job hunt.  Well, I’m going to blame the wedding posts, but really it was because it stalled massively and there was nothing new to tell you.

If you need a recap of what has happened so far and how I ended up needing to be on the hunt, you can see the original posts about it here.  Now here’s the new stuff!

I was unemployed for a grand total of 3 weeks before the MIT project started.  It was just enough time to give myself a break and get some things done that I wanted to do for a change, but not long enough for me to start getting bored.  It was fantastic.  The project itself has been going relatively well, although it has not gone the way any of us anticipated.  Turns out I’m really good at disproving hypotheses.  We’ve been through about 4 already, and we’re currently on our 5th.  The project ends in about 2 weeks, and I’m expecting that at that point we still won’t have an answer to our original question, BUT we will at least have been able to prove what is NOT happening.  Maybe now that we’ve ruled out a lot of ideas and methods, someone else might be able to tackle the remaining questions.

In the meantime, I’ve continued my hunt for a permanent job so that I can actually be a contributing member of society when I get up to Michigan.  None of the companies on my radar have posted anything new that is relevant, so it’s been a bit disheartening.  However I did have some connections come into play, and had two opportunities arise at the same time.  The first was the company Geoff works for.  The second was one that I knew a guy who knew a guy, but he knew him pretty well and passed my resume along.

For Geoff’s company, we had heard through the grapevine that they were considering opening up a chemistry lab in his building, so we’ve been keeping tabs on that progress.  They finally formally announced it, and within the day the HR manager there (who I’ve been in contact with for months) had asked if I would be available sometime soon to sit down with her to talk about a position.  I met with her the last time I was in the area to have a sort of informal interview.  It went very well, and by the end of it she was excited to get me to the next stage of the interview process.  The chemistry lab position won’t actually be opening up for another year, so she was going to look into finding me a quality engineer type position just to get me into the company, with the intent that I would move to the lab when it became available.  I later found out she sent an email to Geoff’s boss raving that I was fabulous and interview really well, so that was an awesome ego boost.

The next stage of the interview was a personality profile, but not one of those ones you do online and click generic answers and a computer spits out some arbitrary results.  Oh no, it was a Gallup profile.  If you’ve never done one of these, it is quite the experience.  It is an hour phone interview with abstract questions meant to make you uncomfortable that have multiple interpretations.  The idea is that it gauges your stress reaction, as well as how you tend to interpret things.  Your answers are important, but how you give the answer and where your emphasis lies has the bigger weight.  It’s not a personality profile, it’s a psych profile.  It’s terrifying.  Each company who uses ones of these things looks for different results.  I thought it went less than great, but apparently I was wrong.  Within 12 hours I had received a notification from HR saying I had passed the profile and could move to the next interview stage.  This of course meant they had to find a position for me so I could actually interview for it.  While they were working on that, though, I had another plan in the works too…

But I think that’s enough of the story for today 🙂

The next stage of the story will come Friday, and maybe if we’re all lucky it will come to an end!


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  1. Oooo I like your new layout and your new name! That Gallup profile sounds terrifying!

    • Thanks! I wasn’t sure about it at first, but it’s kind of growing on me.

      It was probably one of the most nerve-wracking interview things I’ve done, simply because *how* I gave the answer almost mattered more than the answer, and that’s not something you can prepare for.

  2. The Gallup profile does sound kind of terrifying; I’m glad it went well for you. Good luck with your job hunt!

    • Thanks! It was a little terrifying, but I figure I survived it without peeing myself so it couldn’t have been *that* terrible…I just never want to do it again!

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