Apparently A Basic Understanding Of Biology Is Not A Requirement For Being On The Senate Science Committee

“Better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.”

It looks like someone never heard that saying before huh?

A certain politician from Missouri has made his stance on abortion clear.  What he has also made clear is that he is dumber than a bag of rocks and has his own twisted idea of how the human body works.  Or rather, the female body.

“It seems to me, from what I understand from doctors, [pregnancy from rape] is really rare.  If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.” – Todd Akin, US Rep, Senate Candidate

In case you hadn’t heard that in the last few days, I’ll give you a few moments to pick your jaw up off the floor.

Hi, my name is Todd Akin. I’m an idiot AND an asshole, so of course I am perfect for the job as Senator.

First off, let’s ignore how blatantly appalling such a line of thought is.  Let’s start with this: this man is actually current one of the members of the science, space, and technology committee in Congress.  This man, who apparently never had (or never passed) a health or biology class, is one of the people charged with deciding science policy.

Now let’s look at the blatantly appalling part, shall we?

What in the world makes this man think that the female body can go “oh, dude, I definitely did not order any penis today…yo uterus, you’d better shut down for a while”?  Yes the female body can shut down pregnancies, that’s what a miscarriage is.  However the checklist of things the body goes through to make that determination does not include “was that an unwanted penis”.

What is this business about it being really rare to be pregnant from rape?  Even Google will tell you that the odds of conception from rape are the same as those from consensual sex.  I think we need to find whatever doctors told him this and immediately bar them from practicing medicine ever again.  And also direct them towards the internet.

“Legitimate rape.”  This part he has come back and apologized for (not any of the rest of it), saying he misspoke and that what he really meant was “forcible rape”.  As opposed to, what, consensual rape?  What about rape implies it is not forced?  Is he one of those incredibly self-righteous individuals who thinks that some women are “asking for it”?  Is he saying that only rapes that are accompanied by violence are legitimate?  No one drugged, drunk, or otherwise attacked counts anymore?  And what does he expect when someone who does fit his twisted definition finds themselves asking for an abortion?  What proof are you going to require these already traumatized women to provide to prove the “legitimacy” of their claim?  You think their attacker is going to give them a note to show to their doctor?

Is he actually implying that if a woman gets pregnant from a rape then it wasn’t really rape?  That if a baby results from the encounter, she actually wanted it?

In case your health textbooks told you those filthy lies about how ovaries work and what goes into a pregnancy, here’s a helpful diagram of what apparently our insides look like. Enlightening isn’t it?

I have no doubt the man misspoke.  But I don’t think he misspoke in such a way that he said the wrong words.  I think he misspoke and told us exactly what kind of man he is.  I think that this man being in any position of power is dangerous to anyone with a uterus.  I believe this man is so wrapped up in his ideology that it doesn’t matter if what he says is true so long as it gets him the result he wants.

Politicians lately have been showing us they are too busy trying to keep their jobs to be bothered with things like “facts”.  Todd was just kind enough to say it out loud.


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  1. I read that comment the other day when we were in the car and my fiance’s comment was, “What century is this guy from?” What really kills me is that he has a degree in engineering. Did he go to the worst school ever or did they totally brainwash him when he got his master’s in theology? In any event, the comment was wrong in every sense of the word!

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