Not A Day For Your Neon Purple Bra: Undergarments

It is quite possible you have decided to forgo any type of underwear when you’re wearing your dress.  I applaud your ballsyness (if truthiness can be a word, so can that).  If you’re not quite that, uh, free with yourself, you’ll have to put a little thought into what goes on under the dress.  What you choose depends on a variety of factors, including your own size/shape, your dress style, and your dress thickness (like what will and won’t be visible underneath it).

If you have a very structured dress or are having cups sewn into it, you can get away with not wearing a bra pretty easily (though I recommend still using some of the petals, just in case!).  If you need (or just want) to wear a bra, you have a couple of options.

  • If you are relatively small chested and need minimal support, one of the stick on bras will work just fine.  This is also a good option when you have a backless dress.  If you’re on the more well-endowed side, this won’t offer much in support, but it will at least keep the important bits covered slightly more than the petals will.
  • If you have a low back dress, look for a low-line bra.  These have a back that dips lower than a conventional bra, but still offer support.  Most have some adhesive to help keep it in place.  Because it comes across lower, you will probably constantly feel like it’s falling down.  I recommend wearing it around for a while leading up to the wedding to get used to the feeling (and to help you get an idea for when it might actually be slipping down).
  • If you want a little more of an hourglass shape, you can try a corset under your dress.  This will give you a little more shape and keep your chest supported.  Some of them don’t keep the girls fully covered though, and if you raise your arms they may come right out.  Test it now so you don’t find out later!
  • If you need a little more suppose than you can usually get from a strapless brat, you may want to think about a long-line bra.  These are like a cross between a strapless bra and a corset. and usually have support from boning and have some extra smoothing qualities to boot.

If you have a thin dress, you need to be conscious of the color and bulk of whatever bra you choose.  Something skin colored and plain is always the best bet, albeit not as fun.  If you have a thicker dress that is more structured, you can get away with having something a little more fun, but always test it out first.  Be careful with corsets and long-line bras under sheath dresses!  The boning can end up being visible through the dress.

As far as undies go, this is really where the trouble lies.  Again, you have the same color/bulk considerations as with the bra depending on the thickness of your dress, but now you have the added bonus of needing to be able to get around it when you eventually need to use the bathroom.  Unless of course you cinch your dress so tight it cuts off flow to your bladder, in which case you’ll be fine!  I’d stay away from any colors that differ too much from either the tone of your skin or the color of your dress, but only you can tell what will show and what won’t.

There is also the question of Spanx.  These can work wonders smoothing out some awkward lumps, and help make a dress that’s just a little to snug fit right.  Of course, they work by compression, so they’re not the most comfortable (but they’re more comfortable than a full corset since there’s no boning).  There are a variety of Spanx (and a cheaper version called Assets from Target) depending on what you’re looking for (shorts for rear-end concerns, high-waisted for stomach concerns, and various combinations thereof), many of which come with a sort of fly in the lower part so you don’t have to worry about trying to strip them off in order to go to the bathroom.  This of course means you can’t wear any undies with them (unless you fancy yourself a challenge).

Personally, I just had cups sewn into my dress since the bodice was fairly structured and provided plenty of support.  I have a habit of wearing Spanx just to smooth out lines under dresses, but my dress was a thicker construction and was a corset back so I skipped them this time around.  I wanted something pretty for my lower half (no body was going to see it, but I just always feel prettier when wearing pretty underwear), and since my dress was thicker I didn’t have to worry about finding something skin colored, so I found a nice white satin pair with a little lace trim on them.

Did/are you doing anything special under your dress?  Is it more about form or function for you?


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  1. Reblogged this on thelissachronicles and commented:
    Wish I had read this months ago…SO I thought I’d share. 🙂

  2. I had a bustier with my dress so I didn’t have to worry about a bra. It did make the girls pop out a little but then the dress was higher than the bustier so it kept that all covered up. I also didn’t have to worry about underwear because I had a poofy slip thing on under my dress to poof our the bottom. The only thing that freaked me out was that the poofy slip should have gone on top of the bottom to the bustier to cover up the bottom boning and smooth that out and I realized halfway through the pictures on my wedding day that I had accidentally put them on backwards so that the boning of the bustiere was clearly (at least to me) visible. I was freaking out but I don’t think anyone else even noticed. Whew… :-/

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