If You Spent More Than An Hour On It, You Want A Picture Of It: Detail Shots

In addition to the shot list you will give your photographer regarding the people involved, you may also want to give them a list of detail shots to take.  These are the inanimate objects (i.e. details) that you’re really happy with that you want to make sure you have a clear, up-close photo of.  It can obviously be anything you want, but there’s definitely a tendency for brides to ask for pictures of items they DIY-ed (hey, if they worked that hard on it they deserve a good picture!).  Some items will be on their own, but things like bouquets/boutonnieres or jewelry may be photographed with the people they’re associated with.  You can always request solo pictures, but it’s kind of cool to see the stuff on an actual person.

Here are some suggestions for detail shots you may want:

    • Escort/name cards.  If the cards are particularly cool you may want a lone card (I suggest picking someone special, like yourselves or your parents!), but in general the overall effect of having a large grouping of them is usually what makes this shot so good.
    • Table numbers.  If you have a generic card in a generic stand for this (because let’s face it, they’re not exactly the most exciting part of a wedding), you probably don’t need a picture.  But if you did something nifty like name the tables after places that are special to you or they just plain look nifty, snag a picture.
    • Favors.  Like the table numbers, if you didn’t do anything “fancy” you can skip this one.  If it was a DIY project or a unique gift though, a picture of one or a grouping of them will be great to have later.  If you do a colored candy buffet, definitely get a picture.  Those always look awesome.
    • Bouquets.  At the very least you want a picture of your bouquet, but while you’re at it you might as well cover your bases and snap one of the bridesmaid bouquets and the guys’ boutonnieres.  This is one of those things you can photograph either by themselves or with the owner.  The boutonnieres tend to look a little silly on their own, but bouquets can look gorgeous either with the backdrop of the dress or propped up against your shoes.
    • Dress.  There will be a million pictures of your dress with you in it.  Ask your photographer to take a picture of it hanging up (bonus points if you find a place to hang it so that it doesn’t rest on the floor) before you get into it so you can see how pretty it was before you get it dirty by dancing like a crazy person in it for 5 hours.
    • Ties.  One of the new cool things for guys to do is to have awesome ties for the wedding.  It can be the standout detail on a “plain” outfit (much like crazy shoes for the bride), so if you go decide to have a little fun with the guys’ neckwear be sure you get photographic evidence of it.

  • Cake/cake topper.  You probably spent more time thinking about and planning your cake and cake topper than you care to admit, so it would be a shame to not have a photo of it before it was cut up and smashed into your spouse’s face.
  • Hanger.  If you have a personalized hanger, make sure you get a picture of it with your dress!
  • Jewelry.  This goes for both you and your bridesmaids.  If you picked out something special, whether it’s a family piece with special meaning or just something really pretty, it’s nice to have a photo showcasing it.  Some people will opt for the “nose down” photo (if you have earrings on too; if it’s just a necklace the norm is chin down) to show how beautiful the jewelry is on without distracting you with the gorgeousness of the wearer.  The other option is to have a photo of the jewelry before it’s on, usually laid out on something pretty but subtle.

Obviously these are just some suggestions.  You can skip them altogether, or create your own list.  Most of these don’t take long to snap, so if you’re not sure you’ll want the picture later, have your photographer take it anyway.  It’s better to have the picture and never want it than wish you had asked for it.

Are there any details you’re looking forward to having photos of?


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  1. I love your cake topper. It is super adorable. My favorite detail shot(s): In addition to jewelry, I got all my bridesmaids a stuffed shark banana and without my asking, all of us showed up to the wedding with our shark bananas. Our photographer went all out when she found we had them and we took a whole set of pictures of the girls being crazy with their shark bananas (“okay now make the shark bananas kiss Potassium, okay now make them like mustaches, okay… WHOA! I’m gonna have to call shark banana protection services because you totally dropped your shark banana on the ground!”)… I can’t wait to see them. Then because she’d taken a bunch of pictures of the shark bananas, she got the boys with their skull cufflinks too.

    She did some pictures of my dress hanging up outside too but I was getting my makeup done so I have no idea what those look like…

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