This Is The Earliest I’ve Been Up Since I Lost My Job

Sorry guys, no post today!

My favorite summer activities is to go to Six Flags (or when I was still on the east side of MI, Cedar Point).  I love roller coasters.  I make a point of going every year.  Sadly, last year I didn’t get to go.  I was always busy during the week (you know, at work and stuff), and my weekends were filled with trips to MI to plan the wedding, so it never fell into place.  That meant that this year I was determined to go at least once.

My sister and I have been trying to find time all summer to do it.  The problem has been she always works weekends, a problem that goes away now that I’m unemployed.  The new problem was that the universe hates us.  We tried to go twice last week, but it stormed each day.  We tried to go Tuesday, but again it stormed.  We had accepted that we’d have to wait for some other time after I get back from my road trip I’m taking next week (which you will hear all about whether you like it or not!) since I was originally leaving today.

Except she has the day off, and the weather is GORGEOUS, and since my husband is awesome and told me he could wait another day to see me, I stayed here and we’re heading out RIGHT NOW!

So, thank you hubby for being awesome, and thank you universe for finally giving us good weather!

Now to go scream my head off all day with my fabulous sister 🙂

Side note: My first summer at Fermi a large group of us interns went together.  The entire car ride there consisted of a discussion of what was the proper way to say “Six Flags”.  Apparently I put the emphasis on “Flags” when I say it.  They started to explain that obviously the “Six” was the most important part and should have the emphasis.  I pointed out that it didn’t matter how many you had if you said rocks instead of flags.  Yes it was silly.  Yes it lasted the entire 90 minutes.  We’re nerds.  Lucky for me my sister says it the same way, so that will not be a problem today!


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