Two And A Half Men: Our Substitute Groomsman

Originally Geoff and I had 3 people each in our bridal party.  My bridesmaids were my best friend Laura, my sister Christina, and my soon-to-be sister Caitlin.  Geoff’s groomsmen were his friend/partner-in-mischief Jason, the third musketeer Bob, and his friend and brother-in-law Cory (Caitlin’s husband).  We knew, however, there was a chance we’d be down a man.  Cory is serving in the US Navy as a pilot, and is smack in the middle of training.  Myself having several family members in the service, and Geoff knowing a few as well, we knew it was a possibility that Cory wouldn’t get leave, and we knew it’d be a last-minute call.

About 5 weeks before the wedding, Cory was finally able to submit papers for leave for our wedding.  He had just been sent to a new base, and you can’t apply for leave until you get there, hence that particular delay.  About 3 weeks before the wedding, he got word that no one in his squad, NO ONE, was allowed to take leave until their 9 week training period was over.  This meant we were not only down a groomsmen, but missing a friend and family member.  We knew we needed to honor his service in some way and it was just a matter of figuring out what was appropriate.

We couldn’t find a good way to really make mention of him in the ceremony, so we saved it for the reception.  For the ceremony we just had all the guys stand up front with Geoff to begin with, and my girls walked down the aisle by themselves.  For the recessional they went single file, alternating girls and guys.  We had talked about pairing the best man and maid of honor up and just having Bob pimp it with my sister and Cait, but for a variety of reasons we vetoed that (we couldn’t tell if Bob was joking when he said he’d have to ask his girlfriend if that was okay…we just decided to not chance it).  For the reception, well…

Meet Cory the Second.  He has a bit of a flat personality and doesn’t say much, but he’s a real stand-up guy.

This was another one of Geoff’s genius ideas (although it was my idea to have the speech bubble, I am taking the credit for that one!), and it was a huge hit with everyone there.  Thank goodness he and Cait had gotten married the year before and we had a ton of photos to pick from to make it!  When we were introduced at the reception, we had Cait walk in with him, which was the first anyone saw of him.  The reaction was fantastic.  The rest of the night, we had dry erase markers available to fill in the speech bubble, and people had a ball dancing with him and taking him into the photo booth.


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