Cg and Da: The “How Geoff Almost Lost Jenn Before He Ever Had Her” Story

I told you our story wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows.  If you want to see where the “Cg” came from (our abbreviation of “crazy annoying girl” on our periodic table seating chart), you can view this post here, but read on for how Geoff became “Da”.  Warning: my usual “keep it clean” language rules will slip a little here.

I have mentioned previously that Geoff and I had each been dating other individuals for the length of our friendship (and in hindsight neither of us can really figure out why, since both of our significant others were sort of terrible).  The summer before my senior year (well, my first senior year), I finally dumped the jerk I was with, so when I showed back up at college I was a free, single woman.  Geoff and I continued to hang out once the school year began, and even started up weekly racquetball games, and I may or may not have been flirting a little.  Maybe.  Just to sort of test the waters.  After a few weeks though, I was starting to come to terms with the idea that despite the fact that he constantly complained about his girlfriend, he was going to stay with her, and I needed to get over my puppy crush.

Then, just after Thanksgiving, Geoff finally broke up with his girlfriend.

Inner monologue: WOOHOO!

Geoff and I started spending a LOT of time together outside of our weekly racquetball games.  Not doing dates or anything, just hanging out excessively as friends.  Well, friends who had massive crushes on each other.  The problem was, we didn’t know the other one had the same massive crush thing going on.  I’m sitting there, feeling really awkward about this ridiculous crush, and trying my best to get him to feel the same way and send out blatant “hey I kind of have this thing for you, like whoa” signals, but I didn’t feel like I was getting anywhere.  Which became obvious when, right at the end of finals, right before I went home for Christmas break, Facebook drops a bomb on me.

“Geoff is in a relationship with Bitch-pants McCrabby.”

Inner monologue: *censored*

That’s right, he got back together with his ex-girlfriend.  As far as I was concerned, it was game over.  Do no pass go, do not collect $200.

I was curious what happened though, so I called him.  He immediately launched into “I’m sorry!” and a story of what happened (for Geoff’s sake I am not going to go into that one…), and I responded by calling him a dumbass, which he didn’t try to fight (yeah the story was that bad).  The joke for the following weeks was that I’d call him a dumbass in a different language every day.  This went on for most of the break.  Once the semester started back up we continued with our racquetball games, but some days I’d find excuses to not meet up with him, and we didn’t hang out outside of those games, because sometimes it was just too hard to still be around him.  I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little on the crushed side.

The change happened at the end of January, when I went to the military ball with a friend of mine, Alex.  He needed a date, and I happen to be a fun person to hang out with (so I’m told), so I went with him for a night of hanging out with my military buddies (a good portion of my classmates for a while were ROTC, so I knew a sizeable number of the people who were going to be at the event).  After the ball we all hung out in a pub that was in the same building until the place shut down for the night.  It was a grand old time, as far as I was concerned.  What I did not know was that Geoff had come into the same pub with the FSAE group and had seen me there with Alex, and apparently he wasn’t exactly a fan of me actually getting cozy with anyone else (and apparently his sister started going “dude she likes you what are you doing?!”).

He broke up with the ex for good a few days later, and asked me on a date not too long after.  Under any normal circumstances, that would have looked fishy and terrible and have “awful idea” written all over it.  If a friend of mine had come to me and said “oh I really like this guy, and after we started flirting like crazy he got back together with his girlfriend, but it’s okay because they broke up again a few days ago and now he wants to go on a date!” I probably would have said something like “hold up, that sounds like the worst idea ever.  He kind of sounds like a bit of a self-righteous ass” and would have probably spent a good bit of time trying to convince her of this.  Because when I say this story out loud, I kind of find myself going “wow, how did that sound like a good idea?”

Guess it’s a good thing I’m not so good at the advice following huh?

Obviously, I went on the date.  It was kind of hard to say no to.  Nevermind the fact that I had spent a ridiculous amount of time hoping that moment would come, he was kind of ingenious about it.  We always made bets on our racquetball games, usually “loser buys cherry-limeades at Sonic later”, but every once in a while we’d have something different.  We were about to start our game, and Geoff says “oh, I know what our bet should be this week.  If I win, I get to take you out to dinner.  If you win, I’ll make you dinner.”  Either way the sneak was getting a date out of it.

The date went well, but we didn’t actually start dating for real for another couple of weeks.  Despite the fact that I had been waiting for this for more time than I care to admit, the fact that I knew about this whole adventure with the ex (on top of some other dirt that in hindsight he wishes he hadn’t shared; oh the joys of being friends first!)  made it kind of hard to jump right in.  There were a lot of things that I know had happened that I have zero tolerance for, and I needed to know he understood that.  I put the poor guy through the wringer, but hey, he had done the same to me, so I guess it all evens out?  Any input here hun?

Side note: +10 internetz to anyone who can tell me where my nickname for his ex came from.

There you have it though.  We still make jokes about both stories, and I think the fact that we can actually joke about it is part of what makes us work so well together.  I mean, he actually bought me a shirt a little while into us dating that says “I’m bad with names, can I just call you Dumbass?”  If you can make a joke about it on a shirt, I think you’re golden.

Who’d have thought the crazy-annoying-girl and the dumbass would be perfect for each other?


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  1. It’s so funny. Your dumbass story is very similar to our story too! Cobalt and I hung out for a year as friends (we tried “dating” but neither one of us really wanted a relationship at the time so we were just friends…) and then I moved away to start grad school. We both reaaaaaally liked each other but assumed the other one didn’t feel the same way so there was a year of dumbassery on Cobalt’s part and a year of confusion on my part before we were like OHHHHH… He tells me he knew we were going to be together forever starting at the beginning of the year and it just freaked him out so he went and did stupid things… Boys are weird…

    Anyway, I also totally understand how being friends first makes things awkward because there is also a bunch that I know about Cobalt that I wish I hadn’t known and it made us starting dating a little weird. We officially started dating in August but it wasn’t until a Halloween party months later that we told anyone… Craziness… I love your “How we met” posts… I should post one about us… though I just told you the story…

    • I love that we have equally silly boys. And I totally think you should do a “how we met” post! I think it’d be an interesting story for anyone who reads your blog that doesn’t already know it, and a funny reminder to the people who do already know it.

      Being friends for so long first is a blessing and a curse rolled up into one. On one hand, there are no secrets; you pretty much know anything that could come up. On the other hand, well, there are no secrets, and sometimes you know too much for your own good. It definitely made the beginning stages an adventure!

  2. awesome. just awesome 🙂

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