Happy 4th!

To those of you in the US, Happy 4th of July!  To the rest of you, Happy Wednesday!

Still no word on the job.  I was nervous before, but since I know they finished interviews last week, I’m pretty much dying right now.  I think if I keep my fingers crossed any longer they’re going to go numb and fall off.

I’m spending my day packing up, enjoying a wine slushie (or 5), and possibly catching a movie somewhere in the middle.  You have any fun plans?

On an unrelated note, this is an exciting day for physicists.  Both CMS and ATLAS at the LHC released results indicating the discovery of a new particle.  Not just evidence, but a 5 sigma result, an actual legitimate discovery.  It is in the right mass range to be the fabled Higgs particle, but it is not yet confirmed that this new particle they have found possesses the correct characteristics to be one in the same.  Now that they know it is there, and exactly where it is, they can focus their analyses on it to answer that next question.  We still don’t know if there is/should be a single Higgs, or if there is a hierarchy of various Higgs particles, so the task of categorizing this newcomer will not be an easy feat.

Anyway, back to the main point…enjoy your holiday!


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  1. Yay Higgs particle!!! We are driving to spend the holiday with Cobalt’s family.

    Grrrr… what is wrong with those people! Why can’t they just tell you they got the job?! Booo… I hope they let you know soon (like tomorrow!).

    • Enjoy spending the day with his family! Summer get togethers are always fun 🙂

      I’m hoping I hear tomorrow, but I’m going to guess that since the universe generally doesn’t like me it’s probably going to be next week. You know, right before I become unemployed, just to really make it fun.

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