Be Vewry Quiet, I’m Hunting Wabbits: Job Hunting Part 2

This pretty much captures the essence of what this job hunt has felt like.

About a week before the wedding, I actually had a sort of last-minute phone interview with a company in the area I really wanted to work for.  They’re large as far as market share is concerned, but they’re small as far as the number of people goes, and they have a really supportive, family type of atmosphere.  I felt like the interview went really, really well, and the woman I was interviewing with said that I’d get a call soon about “when” they would want to bring me in for an on-site interview.  Not if.  When.  Jenn = excited!

The Monday before the wedding, I got a call from the recruiter for the company I had interviewed with 2 months prior for that position they were nowhere near ready to hire for.  She had gotten a call from that hiring manager, asking if I was still in the market because even after all this time, they were interested in making an offer.  Jenn = super excited!!

The Tuesday before the wedding I got a call from a recruiter at yet another chemical company in the area.  She had gotten a hold of my resume somehow, and said that there was a position that was opening up that she thought I’d be a good fit for.  She gave me the requisition ID, told me to check out the job, and if it was something I was interested in, to apply for it and let her know I had done so.  Well, ignoring the fact that I didn’t have about half the qualifications the listing said it was looking for, I applied for it.  I figured if she had called me, the things I was missing weren’t deal breakers.  That afternoon she emailed me and asked me if I could do a phone interview on Thursday.  Yes, two days before the wedding, because what I really needed was more stress.  But I did really need a job, so we set it up.

Thursday morning I get an email from the recruiter that Geoff’s company has hired to help me find a job (although she doesn’t seem to be doing much…) to say she had heard from the first two companies.  Turns out the “when, not if” people decided I was overqualified and thought I “wouldn’t be happy in that position”, so they decided to not pursue me as a candidate any further.  Yes, because I’m going to be happier unemployed.  Thanks for watching out for me…  The second lovely bit of news in her email was that the company that had called to see if I was still on the market because they were interested in making an offer apparently does things backwards, and AFTER calling went back and reviewed their information and decided I wasn’t actually qualified for that position.  This all comes about 2 hours before I’m suppose to have this phone interview with company #3.

Holy emotions Batman.

The phone interview went well (despite the roller coaster of wanting to cry going on in my head), and I was told that I was going to be recommended to advance to the next round of interviews.  The Monday after the wedding I received a message asking if I could come for an onsite interview on Thursday.  And not just a regular interview, it was a full-fledged 4 hour interview.  These people were serious.  I took it, and Geoff and I spent Monday afternoon wandering the mall trying to find me interview clothes, because I hadn’t exactly been expecting this turn of events (he’s actually a great shopping buddy!).  Thanks honey 🙂

Despite almost peeing myself the whole way there, it actually seemed to go really well.  If it was solely a personality contest I think I’d have it in the bag since I seemed to fit so well with the lab managers I talked to.  It went so well in fact that I was asked to do the final interview round with the site director.  That was a phone interview since I was already back here in IL, but it seemed to go just as well.  The unfortunate part was that they still had other candidates to interview, so I’ve been playing the waiting game for two weeks.  Part of my concern is that they’re looking for someone who could start, like yesterday, so the fact that I’m still tethered to Fermi could be an issue…

Everyone who was accepted for the separation program has to leave by July 13, so that is the last possible day I could be here.  We figured I could use all the time I could get to finish up the projects I was on and pass off the ongoing ones to other people, so the 13th was the day.  With the possibility of this job now, I may be leaving on the 6th.  It depends on how quickly they want me to start, and when they make an offer.  If I hear by this afternoon (which supposedly I should), I still potentially have time to move my separation date from Fermi to this Friday.  Otherwise, I’m stuck with the 13th.  Since I still have to actually pack up and move, I’m hoping something like a 2 week gap is possible between leaving here and heading there, but we’ll see what happens I suppose.

Although if they choose someone else then I guess that problem goes away doesn’t it?

I’m still waiting on the results.  I was told I should hear end of last week or beginning of this week, sooooo I should be hearing soon I’d like to think.  Geoff has promised a nice dinner out to celebrate if I get it, and to be my DD if I don’t get it.  What is really hard is that this is my only outstanding job application currently.  Everything else I’ve already been through the wringer on, and nothing new has opened up.  For right now, this is it.  If I don’t get this, we are in a pickle…


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  1. Good luck! I hope they call you soon! What a disaster story… I can’t believe those other two companies… 😦

    • Thanks Potassium! I’m going NUTS waiting for the call. I figure with the holiday on Wednesday, “early next week” really has to be today or tomorrow, and today is pretty much done…

      The one company that called to see if I was still on the market, then changed their minds about I’m so irritated with that I’m not even looking at other jobs they might have open. Obviously there is either a lack of organization or a lack of respect, and neither of those make it sound like a good place to be.

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