Future Plans For The Blog

Hi all!

The wedding is over (AH!), which obviously means there isn’t any planning left.  I still have a few general posts planned that I never got around to, and I’m going to spend some time writing about the wedding itself as well as some vendor reviews, but beyond that I don’t think I have too much left.  I by no means intend to stop writing, however.  While this started out as just kind of a fun adventure, a place for me to share some thoughts, give some advice, and get some feedback, it has progressed to something beyond that.  I have made some legitimate friends through writing here, and the idea of giving up such a cool way to meet different people and develop new friendships is quite frankly depressing.

So, with that said, I’d like to fill you in on what I think my future plans for the blog might be and get some feedback!

First and foremost, if you have any suggestions or requests for wedding related topics, by all means send them my way!  There’s so much involved that it’s likely I skipped something, so I’m not going to balk at a gentle reminder that I’m crazy and completely forgot to talk about something.  Since we’re doing our honeymoon in January, I’ll be able to write a little bit about that planning process for a while, but that’s mostly Geoff”s realm (maybe I’ll get him to do some writing!).

This is an interesting time in my life.  There are a lot of transitions happening all at the same time, and there’s going to be some significant aftermath to the decisions we’re making right now.  Most of these choices are coming from the stage of life we’re at, and it’s a set of transitions that many people our age go through.  It’s funny to think that every person we grew up with and went to school with is doing the same things right now, but we can still feel like we’re the only people dealing with it.  We’re past the point of having exact milestones (graduating, getting married, etc) and we are now faced with the empty space that it is now our job to fill.  It’s just living now.  There’s been so much structure to this point, so the lack thereof is absolutely terrifying.

This is something I want to spend some time talking about.  I know a lot of my regular readers are in the same age group, and while we’re all very different, I know in some of my private conversations with you we’re all heading into similarly new territories.  Part of me just wants a safe place to say “here’s what’s going on, we have no idea what we’re doing”, but I also want to be able to say that and know maybe you’ll see it and go “hey me too!” and suddenly it’s a lot less scary and a lot less lonely (and maybe you’ll even have some advice for me!).

I haven’t figured out the logistics of it, much less when I’ll actually start it, but I feel like this is the next logical direction for my writing.  At the very least, I’m sure you guys will able to laugh at some of our mishaps!  Someone gave us a really nice knife block as a gift, so I’m sure somewhere down the line there will be a “we spent the night in the ER because Geoff cut his finger off” post.  Knowing us, there will probably be more than one of those…

These posts will probably  mix in with my regular wedding posts for a while since some of this big stuff is happening now, and I’ll want to share it as it comes up.  I’ll keep you posted as the plan forms for the more permanent changeover so you can change your bookmarks accordingly if I decide to change the URL to something more fitting (okay you probably don’t have this bookmarked, but I’m going to continue living in the little fantasy world where I’m awesome enough that you do).

I’m always open to suggestions or ideas, so if there’s something you want me to talk about, wedding related or not, let me know!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to try to decipher all this paperwork on how to change my name.  I am literally going from one of the most generic names on the planet to one of the most obscure.  Google tells me there are only 4 of me in the US now.  I was at about 4,000 before.


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  1. Ugh… good luck with the paperwork! That sounds like a lot of work. You are right though, even though we are mostly all at the same stage of life, it is really easy to feel like you are going through everything by yourself. So it will be good to go through all of it together so that we won’t be lonely. 🙂

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