Ta-Da! I’m Back!

I present to you the newly minted Mr. and Mrs.!

I’d have put a last name there, but considering it’s a pretty rare name in the US (only 260 people have it) I don’t want to openly advertise the fact that a crazy person on the internet could easily Google us and stalk us.  Side note: there are only 4 other people in the US with my first and last name now, and no one else has my middle name.  I just want from the most generic name possible to being one of a kind, at least in the States.

First things first, enough with the fake name business.  I’m not so concerned about you knowing who we are, I just didn’t want someone I knew to stumble across this and see all of our wedding details and spoil it all.  There were enough little references throughout the posts that if someone was dedicated they could have figured it out, but most of the people I know wouldn’t think twice about it.  Anywhoodles, now that it’s all over, I can tell you that we are not Tim and Natalie, but are in fact Geoff and Jenn.  Now the secret is out!

We had a great week off and really enjoyed ourselves on our mini-honeymoon.  We went to the zoo and fed the giraffes, went go-karting, and celebrated one of my friend’s marriages on Friday.  We played video games, made popsicles, did some biking, and actually spent some time sleeping (which we totally did not do the whole week before the wedding).  I’ll post more recaps over the next few weeks, complete with pictures.  For now, I’m back in IL to keep working.  That will be changing soon, but I’ll get to that later next week…

Thank you all for your well wishes!  It was awesome to come back and find them all waiting for me.  I feel so special, and even Geoff got a little warm and fuzzy when I showed him (bonus: I no longer have to keep the blog a secret from him either!  Couldn’t have him seeing my dress early or anything…).

So, I’ll have plenty of wedding updates over the next few weeks to show you how things shook out, but for now I’ll leave you with this tidbit: apparently by the morning after the wedding our seating chart had gone viral on Reddit.  It looks like one of our friends (or possibly part of the catering staff, since all the cards are still in it at this point) sent it in.  It’s currently making its way around Wedinator as well, and I’ve heard it’s appearing in other places too.  Yes, it was just that awesome.

Yes, it did take FOREVER.  We printed the poster on foam core at Kinkos, and all the name cards we did at home on colored cardstock.  They’re all tented cards, and we stuck them on the poster over their printed places by placing clear photo-mount corners at the bottom of each square and tucking the card edges into those.  All the “symbols” for each person are unique (no duplicates, seriously you can check), and are either some combo of letters out of their name or represent some nickname we have for them.  For instance, my uncle is in the military, so we used Zg for his call sign “Ziggy”.  I was “Cg” and Geoff was “Da”.  I’ll explain why in a later post, but bonus points if you can figure out what they stand for in the meantime!

I hope you’ve all had a good week!  Adios for now!


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  1. WOW!!! That is the coolest seating chart EVER. I love it. 🙂
    Speaking of things I love, I love that top picture. You look absolutely stunning and gorgeous. Geoff looks so happy… What a beautiful picture. Made me get all teary eyed because I am so happy for you! Welcome back Jenn! 😀

  2. LOVE the seating chart! And the photo of you two lovebirds! Congratulations Jenn! 🙂

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