I Now (Verb) You Man and (Noun): Bridal Shower Games

I figured since my Thursday post was a rant, I kind of still owed you a more regular post.  I’ve had a couple people ask me about games for bridal showers, so I thought I’d squeeze in a post about them.

Games are a staple of bridal showers.  It helps not only get a group of strangers talking and having fun, but it usually leads to some kind of fantastic story later.  Some are a little overly cliché (though there are ways to jazz them up), and some are newer and not done too often but can be more fun than a barrel of monkeys.  Here are some that are common, along with one of my favorites that I don’t ever see.  Consider this a guide for if you need to plan a shower for someone, or if someone asks you what you want at yours!

Here Comes The Bride

This game works best with a larger party.  In this game, the party is divided into smaller groups, usually of 4 or 5 people (any smaller it gets too difficult to be fun), and each group is given 3 or 4 rolls of toilet paper (# of rolls = # of people in group – 1).  One person in each group is the “bride” and will be the mannequin for the rest of the group, who will use their TP rolls to fashion a dress on her.  Each group has 10 minutes to create a dress on their “bride”.  At the end of the time limit, there’s a mini fashion show (so of course you need music!) where the brides show off their TP dresses, and the group (or you can have just the actual bride) chooses their favorite!

Bridal Bingo

All of the attendees are handed blank bingo cards and fill in the spaces with the gifts they think the bride is going to get.  From there, normal bingo rules apply!

I am personally not a fan of this one simply because it is based on receiving gifts, and I am of the mindset that gifts should never been expected (I’m a little old-school Emily Post that way).  Laura did set this up and we played it at my shower, and it was okay because we had some hilariously competitive people, and absolutely everyone was having a fit because they all just needed lingerie to show up to get a bingo (and lucky for me no one wanted to embarrass me by giving me any at the shower!).  They were constantly yelling “REALLY?!  NO ONE’S GIVING HER PANTIES?!” every time I opened something new.  It was pretty funny!

Clothespin Game

This is one of those games that can be fun, or if everyone is overly competitive it can be downright awful.  Everyone starts out with 4 clothespins attached to them at the beginning of the shower.  There are then 4 words you are not allowed to say (the more likely people are to say them the better; the 4 at my shower were “reception”, “wedding”, “Tim”, and “Natalie”).  Anytime someone catches you saying one of the words, they get to take a clothespin from you.  Of course if you run out of clothespins you can say them as much as you want!  The winner is the one with the most clothespins at the end of the shower.

This is more fun with more people, and even more fun if there’s alcohol involved and people start losing their verbal filters.

A to Z

One of the more straightforward  and harmless games, everyone is given a sheet with the alphabet and blanks next to each letter.  Someone starts a clock, and everyone has 2 minutes to write down a wedding related word for each letter (make it more difficult by outlawing the couple’s names, especially if their names start with letters that are hard to find words for!).  There are two different options for scoring at the end of two minutes.  The simplest way is to say the person with the most blanks filled wins.  To make it more interesting you can go through each letter and ask the group what they wrote down, and only people with unique answers get points (i.e. for “B” if you wrote bouquet and no one else did you get a point, but if anyone else used the same word it doesn’t count).

Alternative Uses

Okay I couldn’t figure out what the actual name of this game was, but it’s something we played at Sarah’s shower and it was quite amusing.  This one requires some plotting beforehand with the groom.  The focus is usually kitchen supplies (not only because they’re the easiest to scavenge, but because they’re usually the funniest), but you can do almost anything.

Take a collection of items to the groom and ask him what he would use them for if he couldn’t use them for their actual purpose.  The more abstract the item (and therefore the less likely he would know what it was for anyway), the better.  Bring the same collection of items to the shower (sometimes the items are actually gifts for the bride, in which case you can wrap them up and play the game throughout the shower; if they’re just borrowed then throw them in a box).  Have the bride pull them out/unwrap them one by one, and everyone writes down what answer they think the groom gave for how else the item could be used.  At the end, go through the items and ask everyone what they wrote down, and give the answer the groom gave.  We had 2 winners: the person with the most correct guesses, and the person who had the funniest set of answers (Sarah’s sister had essentially turned every item into part of some kind of warrior’s outfit…the collander was a helmet, the broiler pan a chest plate, etc, it was pretty epic).


This is my second favorite game, but I’m also biased since we played MadLibs all the time growing up.  We all remember having one epic one involving bullfighting and toenails, but no one remembers anything beyond that…

ANYWAYS, back to the issue at hand…MadLibs can be a great bridal shower game if you’ve got a group of people who like to say odd things.  If you’ve never done MadLibs before, the basic gist is that it’s a story, but several key words have been removed.  It is up to you to replace them!  There is a list of what types of words are missing from the story (like verb, pronoun, body part, etc; like the title to my post!), so you ask the group (either in an orderly “go around the circle” fashion or in a “whoever yells the loudest” method) for the words you’re missing.  At the end, you fill in the blanks and read the resulting story.

There are some generic versions floating around online, but you can also write your own story about the couple and remove words at random to create a personalized MadLib.  This isn’t a game where there’s a winner, only an obscene amount of laughter.  Laura put one together for us, so to give you an idea of how these things can turn out here is mine.

I Hate Chores

This one is my absolute favorite.  I never see it on websites that tell you how to play bridal party games, but we’ve done it both for my friend Sarah and when Tim’s sister got married.  Credit for this one goes to Sarah’s MOH Lisa.  This is one of the games you can kind of play in between gift openings and other games.  Here’s how you play:

Everyone (excluding the bride) is given a notecard on which they need to write and complete the phrase “I hate (chore) because (reason)”.  For example, the first time I played I used the phrase “I hate doing laundry because it’s just going to get dirty again”.  Everyone passes in their cards, and the bride reads them out loud.  However, she is going to completely disregard the chore, and is instead going to say “I hate kissing because…” and fill in the reason that is on the card she is holding.  So, from my example earlier, poor Sarah had to say “I hate kissing because it is just going to get dirty again”.  The best one came from her sister and said “I hate kissing because by the time you take everything off and put it all back on again it really just doesn’t seem worth it” (the chore was dusting!).  You end up with all kinds of hilarious things being said.

After all the cards are read, the bride picks her favorite (or the group can vote), and the owner of that card is declared the winner!

What games have you played at showers?


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  1. I am seriously in love with the “I hate chores” one! I will use that at my next shower that I host 🙂

    We played two really fun games at my shower. The first was “celebrity husband” where all the ladies write down who their dream celebrity husband it, someone reads them and the bride has to guess who would choose each one! Fun! The second game was not really a game, but a great fun way to embarass the bride: someone wrote down all the comments I made when opening gifts, then then those would be the things I would say on our weddingn night (you can see how this could get twisted really fast (frying pan, oh this is huge! awesome!) Fun times 🙂

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