This Is Too Crazy To Not Mention It

A friend of mine from high school got engaged around the same time I did.  We’re not close-close, but are friends enough to justify commenting on each other’s progress on Facebook.

Last summer, I made a comment about going dress shopping at Fantastic Finds on such-and-such a date on Facebook.  She immediately commented with “no way!  Me too!”  Fast forward to the day of the dress shopping.  We ran into each other in the parking lot.  She was just leaving as I was showing up.  Turns out she had the same consultant I did.

Fast forward another few weeks, when she makes a comment about their upcoming engagement photo session in October.  I of course go “oh ours is in October too!  We’re doing it on the 5th, what about you guys?”  Guess what, same day.  At this point I have no choice but to comment “this is crazy, first the dress shopping and now this?  Next you’ll tell me you’re getting married on June 9th!”

This is when she apparently stalked my phone number from some source to call me, because she is also getting married on June 9th.

As you know, my shower was this last weekend.  Guess who else had a shower this weekend?

Yep.  This seriously just happened.

While discussing how crazy this is, the bachelorette party came up as well.  I don’t think I need to tell you how that turned out…

So, same dress shopping day at the same place with the same consultant, same engagement shoot day, same shower day, same bachelorette party day, and same wedding day.  All on accident.  I do not usually believe in coincidences, but this is completely ridiculous and I thought it was worth sharing.

I’m telling her we should both buy lottery tickets on our wedding day.


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