Happiness Is A Living Room Full Of Friends With A Case Of Wine

Okay, it was actually something like 2 cases, but we stopped counting bottles after we finished the first one.

That was only an hour after it started.

I am not referencing a crazy irresponsible free-for-all (although it might have looked that way to Tim when he came home…), but the awesome bridal shower my future mother-in-law threw for me this weekend!  There were about 20 of us all hanging out in her living room, and it was spectacular.  There was wine, food, cake, wine, and grand times.

My MOH Laura wanted to do a shower for me, but the logistics of her being in Detroit, me being in Chicago, and most of the people being in Kalamazoo was going to make it difficult.  The moms jumped in, with Tim’s mom offering up the house in Kalamazoo as a place to hold it and the 3 of them working together to plan the shower.  I was excited it was going to be at the house, because I really liked the idea of a more casual, “everyone come over and drink some wine and play some silly games that will make us laugh at Tim’s expense (sorry hun!)” type shower.

I did my usual routine of driving up to MI on Friday like I do on every other weekend visit up there (shout out to my awesome boss for letting me leave work early every time so I miss rush hour traffic!) and went straight to the jeweler we ordered our rings from so I could pick them up!  Tim was stuck at work, so he couldn’t come too, but that’s okay because I didn’t want him to see what I had engraved on his ring 🙂

Saturday morning, knowing I was in store for some serious stomach filling later, I dragged the two of us out of bed to go work out a bit.  We got enough in to feel like we actually did something useful, and before I knew it Tim was leaving to go pick up the food and cake for his mom (mini cake snafu…they forgot to make it) and my own mom was pulling in the driveway!

All of my family is located in other states, so the shower was mostly my friends and some of Tim’s family’s friends, but it was a blast (you know, once I got past the “I only met you once a year ago at Tim’s sister’s wedding and I was drinking and I recognize your face but can’t remember your name!” panic).  Everyone was thankfully understanding of my fuzziness on names.  Tim’s mom had arranged for some delicious food, some of it homemade and some from a local caterer.  The artichoke dip was probably my favorite, but everything was fabulous, and she had set it up so pretty!  All the paper plates and napkins were blue, purple, and lime green.  It was fabulous 🙂

Did I mention the wine?  Oh, and the frozen cosmo punch?

We had a couple games courtesy of Laura.  There was of course the clothespin game, where our forbidden words were my name, Tim’s name, “wedding”, and “reception”.  Usually I am not a fan of this particular game (if you say one of the words, whoever points it out first gets to take one of your clothespins; person with the most pins at the end of the shower wins), but when you are in a room full of really competitive people who have a couple glasses of wine in them?  Hilarious.  My poor mom was terrible at it…which was also hilarious.

Also great in a room full of competitive people?  Bridal bingo.  Everyone was given blank bingo cards (with the free space being some penguins dressed up as a bride and groom of course), and they had to fill in what gifts they thought I was going to get.  As I opened my gifts, they marked it off if they had it, and normal “scream like a crazy person” bingo rules applied from there.  Apparently a lot of people wrote down lingerie, and when nothing like that was showing up (thank goodness!) they started getting desperate to make things into lingerie.  I think my favorite was the cloth napkins (“Look, you can tie the corners of all 4 together, and it perfectly covers all your important lady bits!”).

We had a great time with it, and I am really grateful for all the wonderful people I have in my life (and those that are joining it soon!).  Tim and I were spoiled rotten, and really have a great collection of the things we felt like we really needed to be funtioning adults, as well as some fun items for when we feel like being less than functioning 🙂  My grandparents believe in “go big or go home” when it comes to gifts, and they bought us all of the nice china we had registered for (bonus: grandma won’t buy china for people if she doesn’t like the pattern, so I have the thumbs up from her!).  We also got most of the every day plates and glasses we had registered for, as well as silverware (so we can actually eat off the plates like civilized people!).  My other grandmother went in with 2 of my aunts and they bought us our vaccuum cleaner, and between all of the family friends we got most of our kitchen utensils.  My aunt and cousin to be got us a popsicle maker (SO pumped for that), and two of my friends (affectionately dubbed the Sara(h)s) bought us a Ninja blender and a book of smoothie recipes (with the obvious caveat that they come over for delicious concoctions whenever they please, which we are more than happy to do!).  It really was amazing how much of our registeries got covered, and I reiterate that we were absolutely spoiled by all these people.

Perhpaps my favorite part of the shower was actually after most people had left, and it was mostly my friends and the moms.  Laura had put together a MadLib game and had fogotten about it.  I am personally grateful because I think with the sheer number of people we had it wouldn’t have turned out quite so fabulous.  My mom, sister, and I used to play MadLibs ALL the time.  We were quite good at it.  So, of course, we were in love with this.  By the time Laura was done asking for words, we were legitimately concerned, because she had asked for a body part 6 different times.  No MadLib that uses a body part is ever good news, so the fact that this needed 6 had us going “oh man what have we done?!”  Turns out our little group of 8 people had done something completely awesome.  The whole thing was good, but I think my favorite line was “When Tim asked for Natalie’s earlobe in marriage, she exclaimed ‘dear sweet 10 pound baby Jesus!'”

All in all, fabulous weekend.  One of the Saras actually lives in southern IL, so she rode home with me on Sunday.  After doing that drive umpteen times by myself, it was awesome to have another person in the car.  Talking to yourself eventually gets boring.  Turns out I don’t have a lot of interesting things to say to myself.

Laura’s mom (who I also refer to as “Mom”…now I have 3!) was the official photographer for the event, so I’ll post some photos once I get them from her.

Originally I wasn’t going to write a general bridal shower post, since that’s something other people plan, buuuuuuut I’ve changed my mind.  So, expect a post on Thursday about bridal showers!


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