Workout Check In!

I did a pop budget check on you, it’s only fair I check-in with you on your workout goals!

I’ll say again what I said in the first post about this: exercising and eating right are life changes.  It’s all well and good if you use the wedding as a motivator to get going when you’ve been wanting to make a change for a while, but you shouldn’t do anything solely because of the wedding.  I’m not saying you need to workout for the wedding by any means.  I had been working out consistently for about 3 years before Tim proposed, but the engagement definitely pushed me to be a bit better about my eating habits and to kick the working out up the notch it needed.

I started to get bored with my cardio/weight routine, so once I was pretty happy with the shape I was in I started a schedule where I did a Piloxing (mix of standing Pilates and kickboxing, kind of awesome) class on Mondays, Turbo Kick on Thursdays, and then my normal cardio/weight routine on a 3rd day in the week.  It was all well and good since I was focused more on just some toning and then maintaining what I had, but despite the classes always being a little different I started to get bored again.  When I started to get bored, I started coming up with excuses to not go as much as I should.  I was still doing at least 2 days a week, but it was getting pretty irregular, and I wasn’t putting in the same effort I used to even when I did go.

I seriously fell off the working-out band wagon a couple of weeks ago.  I got sick and was traveling a lot, so it was easy to always have an excuse to not exercise and eat what I felt like eating, and then I lost all motivation.  I didn’t go to the gym for a solid 3 weeks, and my diet consisted largely of pizza, other forms of takeout, spoonfuls of Nutella, and beer.  It was not good, and it was progressively getting less pretty.  I stared approaching where I was at my worst in college, and while it was never bad by societal standards, it was bad by mine.

I finally picked a day and said “I’m going gosh darn it!” (and got myself a cute new workout top, because we all know that when you buy something new you have to immediately show it off), and started my schedule back up again.  I changed up my routine (and maybe got some cute pants to go with my new top, just to make sure I went again), and I finally started getting back in the habit again.  My food choices are slowly returning to normal, but that post lunch Snickers bar is refusing to go away.  I’ve decided I can keep that 🙂

I not only got back to where I was before I jumped off the workout train, but I’m actually doing better.  I don’t usually toot my own horn, but I’m totally going to right now because I’m really proud of myself.  I have hit my 120lbs goal, and I have some serious in-ness with my waist.  It’s awesome.  I’ve got a wicked hourglass thing going on.  My most recent body fat test shows I’m just below 17%, which I’m thrilled about.

I’m hoping all this good news will give me the final push of motivation I need to really keep this up at least through the summer.  If I can make it that far, I’ll be okay.  At that point, if I still haven’t found a job in MI, I’m moving there anyways, and then Tim and I can start playing racquetball again.  We used to do it all the time in college, even before we started dating.  It guaranteed us both at least one day at the gym, and while we were not good by any means, it at least made us work hard for a solid hour.  I seriously miss it, and that’ll be the routine change I need to get myself back on the healthy boat for good.

For those of you who decided to make some changes, or those of you who were already a part of the workout club, how are your routines doing?  Are you seeing the progress you want to see?  How do you deal with motivation issues?


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  1. Congrats on getting on the bandwagon again! I was doing great this year (and I have always enjoyed working out)..but the last few weeks have been terrible! It’s exam time at school, and it’s hard to find time to workout. I’m hoping to double up in the 3.5 weeks between exams and the wedding – get the healthy glow back!

    • Exam time is always rough…I made a habit of eating large quantities of oreos and Kraft Mac and Cheese during exam weeks. I also ended up with a vodka habit while studying for the physics finals, but that’s another story…

      Good luck in your exams! I’m sure you’ll have no trouble getting back on track with your workout before your wedding 🙂

  2. Cobalt and I have been climbing together once a week and it is so fun to go together and help each other out when the other one is trying to get up the wall…
    Congrats about getting back to exercising again! I’ve been playing soccer recently and sometimes my motivation for going to the games is that we usually barely have enough girls to play so I don’t want my team to have to forfeit because I’m feeling lazy… >_<

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