60 DAYS!

We are exactly 60 days out!  Okay, not exactly.  I’m off by a couple of hours.  But it’s not like anyone’s really counting.  Definitely not me.

The to-do list is finally shrinking, but the panic of “did I forget something” is starting to set in.

The shower is planned (April 28!).  The invitations are out (and RSVPs are already coming back!).  We have the ceremony music lined up (I can’t decide if I’m more excited for Canon in D as the processional or our nerdy recessional).  The unity candle is in (something we ordered from Etsy, but I think we may add this to our list of thing we want to make when we open up our own Etsy shop).  Best part?  My necklace is done!  My mom is awesome.

This is the pretty necklace Mom made for me!

This is the pretty necklace Mom made for me!

She used crystal bicones (non fire variety), and put a few rhinestone rondelles to add some interest to it. They're so sparkly!

Here's a close-up of the pendant we used in the middle. It's one of the "fire" crystals, and has a round almond shape to it as opposed to a flat-ish shape.

What still looms on the horizon?  The things I’ve been putting off with the excuse “oh it’s too hard, I’ll do it later.”  Later has finally arrived, my friends.

  • Reception music.  We still haven’t picked anything.  It’s not like we have a song, or my dad and I have a song, or him and his mom have a song, or that we have a favorite party song.  We have nothing, and our meeting with the DJ is coming up.
  • The seating plan.  Oh the dreaded seating plan.  I  made the mistake of coming up with a grand plan for what I wanted the escort card setup to look like, without realizing the logistics would be a nightmare.  By the time I realized I had set up an impossible goal, I was already too sold on the idea.  It’s going to be an adventure, that’s for sure.  Nevermind the fact that the tables will only hold 8 people at max and I have several families of 5 coming.
  • Schedules.  Any schedule.  The week of, the day before, the day of, week after, anything where I have time that needs to be scheduled, it isn’t.  The most I have figured out is that the ceremony starts at 3, and by 3:30 I’m married.  I did not think this would be this hard.
  • Ordering the centerpiece flowers.   This was not supposed to be difficult either.  We finally made a decision on what we want, and the plan has been for me to be in MI by Wednesday night the week of the wedding so I could be around for the delivery on Thursday.  The kicker?  Apparently while most flowers have a recommended delivery day of Wednesday/Thursday for a Saturday wedding, the ones we picked are a Tuesday/Wednesday flower.  Go figure.  Since I’m technically taking Wednesday off to do things around home like get my nails done with my sister, I could have them delivered to my house that day and just drive them up, but that sounds like too many extra steps and just drives up the likelihood that I would accidentally do something awful to them.
  • Meetings.  Tons of final meetings.  The problem?  I only have two weekends in MI on the calendar between now and the wedding, and one of those is the shower.  Unless my colleagues at the lab here figure out the whole time dilation thing in the next week or two, I think it’s pretty safe to say I don’t have time to do all that stuff in the few days I have left in town.  I think I have to add another weekend, which is kind of looking impossible (not to mention expensive; thank you gas prices).
  • Ceremony flowers.  We’re still arguing about this.  Tim keeps saying he wants something, but doesn’t know what something is.  Since I don’t really care, I told him it was up to him.  Of course, he keeps getting on my case about getting that setup, but can’t tell me what he wants me to set up.  I love the man, but sometimes I think it’s a good thing these conversations take place over the phone and not within strangling range.
  • Painting.  I’ve been putting this off because I’m pretty convinced I’m going to mess it up.  I made my sweet table numbers, and those came out great, but they were tiny.  They were spawned from another idea that we’re using for the reception, but this one is on a much larger scale.  I’m still debating how I want to do the fade on the large ones, and I’m terrible at going freehand for designs and what we want to do on them is not something I can find a stencil for (and even if I could it wouldn’t be large enough).  I’m trying to come up with a way to make a stencil, but so far my feeble attempts at some tests have yet to give me results I’m happy with.

There are probably other things, but goodness knows I can’t remember them right now.  I did a budget revisit to see where we stand, and I was a little less than pleased…we’re still under the unofficial budget, but we’re higher than I wanted to be.  Ick.  I’m hoping maybe I just sucked at math and messed something up.

Other bonus, apparently someone in Ireland somehow got my credit card info.  In case you’re wondering, PNC is awesome about getting fraudulent charges taken care of.  Also someone in Ireland just had their cell phone shut off and they’re probably pissed.

I took a break from wedding stuff this weekend and went and saw The Hunger Games.  I jumped on the band wagon last week finally and read all 3 books in a span of about 4 days.  I’m going to be a snob and say the book was better.  I feel like the movie left out some details that were actually important to the story (maybe not now, but things that have importance later).  There were things that happened that I feel wouldn’t have made sense not having read the book first, so I think it’s fair to say the movie left something to be desired.  And then there’s the general disappointment that one of my favorite details of the ending of the book wasn’t present in the movie.  Sadness.

How is your planning coming together?!


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  1. Oooooo I want to hear more details about how you feel about the movie! I enjoyed the book better too. I think the movie was a nice movie and it’s not like the Harry Potter movies where you kind of need to have read the book first to understand the movie but yeah… I want to know what wasn’t at the end that made you sad. Etc. 🙂 Yay Hunger Games friend! I wish they had had more about Peeta and Katniss’ relationship at the beginning….
    Wow! 60 days out! That is exciting/also scary. Stupid lists… why can’t they take care of themselves?! I need to go home to CA to do more planning too but I also haven’t figured out when/how to get there because it is so expensive. 😦 Also, Cobalt and I need to go to his hometown for another premarital counseling session and I had to completely rearrange April pretty much/cancel on some things (sad…) so that I actually had a weekend free for us to go… :-/ So complicated…

    • Planning from a different place than you’re getting married is ridiculous, and I’m only 3 hours away! I can’t imagine doing things at the distance you are.

      I’ll shoot you an email about the Hunger Games stuff. I don’t want to ruin anything for anyone who wants to read it or see the movie and hasn’t yet 🙂

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