DIY Project #3: Music?

That’s right, DIY music.  And I’m not referring to having a laptop or some sort of MP3 player that we setup to run the show either (we don’t have much luck with technology, we’re leaving to the professionals).

In case you missed the memo, Tim and I are nerds.  It’s shocking, I know.  I’ll give you a moment to let that sink in.

We’ve been trying to find ways to work some of our various obsessions into the wedding, mostly in subtle ways.  We have jokes hidden on our cake, we have some music on our play list that gives a nod to some of our nerd humor (Weird Al’s “White and Nerdy” anyone?), and other small touches that we’ll notice, and people who are in on the jokes will probably notice, but the guests as a whole probably won’t even see.  The one we (okay, more “I” than “we”, because I am definitely the head honcho of this particular obsession) were having a hard time with was making a Legend of Zelda reference.  Of all the nerd jokes we are making throughout the day, that one was still missing, and to me that was blasphemous.  That’s on the top of my nerd list.

Then Tim had yet another one of his moments where he said something before really thinking about what he was saying.  One of the moments he’s had so many times during the wedding planning process where he makes a suggestion in jest, but I think about it for a solid 5 minutes before realizing that this suggestion is actually pure genius.  At that point he usually panics, then realizes there’s nothing he can do about it.

“Dude, wouldn’t it be awesome if we had the Zelda theme as our recessional?”



This is probably something he said because he didn’t think it’d be doable.  We are, afterall, having a string quartet play for the ceremony, and it’s not like you can just find string quartet transcriptions of game music like that.

Except you can.  Sort of.

Turns out if you look around YouTube, there are quartets that have actually written up their own versions of Zelda music, and some of them even provide the sheet music.  None of them really fit what I wanted it to sound like, so I had my own brilliant idea.

It’s been a long time since I’ve put any of my musicality to use, and even longer since I’ve used Finale, but for such an awesome challenge I was willing to work for it.  I used one of the sets of sheet music I found on YouTube to give me a starting point (I am TERRIBLE at figuring out what key I need to be in and what the starting note is, but I can hear all the progressions from there), and I went.  I spent most of the weekend working on it, and through some trial and error I managed to arrange/transcribe the main theme of Zelda for 2 violins, a viola, and a cello.

That’s right, I’m a musical badass.

I’m such a badass that Tim is actually really excited for it.  Maybe he really wanted to do this all along and it wasn’t an “oops” moment when he suggested it, but if it was a mistake he’s happy with it now.  I wish I could have taken a picture of the face I made when the piece played all the way through for the first time.  It probably looked a lot like this.

The playback feature on Finale made it sound fantastic, but I really wanted to hear what it would sound like when played by actual people before handing it over to our quartet.  My boss’s sons are actually members of a string quartet, and they jumped at the chance to play this.  We have yet to arrange a time that they’re all available and that I can meet with them to hear it, so I may have to hand it over before hearing it live.  It’s a short piece, only 30 measures and 60 seconds long, but hey, it’s kind of awesome.

That’s right, I just DIY-ed our recessional.  Boom.

Want to hear what my version of the Legend of Zelda sounds like on Finale?  Click here!


On a related note, I went to Video Games Live this weekend.  I upgraded my Link costume from Halloween and wore it for the occasion, and I got 2nd place in the costume contest.  I lost to a girl dressed as Chell, and I’m convinced it was only because she had a glowing portal gun.  I did have people keep asking to take pictures withe me, so I still feel like I won 🙂  Nerd celebrity status achieved!


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  1. Amazing! That’s going to be a kick-ass recessional. We’re going to go with the Doctor Who theme for ours – probably the 1963 version. And I know exactly what you mean about needing a starting point for transcribing music; I’m the same way. You should post an mp3 of your transcription/arrangement.

  2. That’s so awesome! We are using Star Wars for our recessional, although he doesn’t know it yet. I’m super excited about it!

  3. Holy crap, you are like a long-lost sister to me. My fiance and I were trying to figure out how to have Zelda music incorporated into our wedding (we were thinking Zelda’s Lullaby as the “here comes the bride bit”). I also definitely have a Link costume I painstakingly slaved over and have worn to conventions.

    You rock!

    • That’s awesome! Zelda’s lullaby is so smooth and calm that could make a perfect processional.

      And I love that you have a costume too. I would love to see a picture of it. My next step is to start building a shield.

      • Yeah, I’m excited about Zelda’s lullaby, we just have to figure out how to get our music outside for the ceremony.

        I can send you a picture if you want. I think my shield is actually my favorite part of my costume (and it wasn’t hard to make either).

        • Shoot me an email through the contact page so I can get your email address and we can start a private chain. I want to know how you made your shield 🙂

  4. lol I am listening to your string quartet version right now. This is awesome! I haven’t even thought about Finale in forever but you did a great job! And what an amazing recessional this will be.

    Also, your costume is sweet. I am glad you got at least second place. 😀

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