Accessories: The Bag Of Holding

As far as accessories go, having a purse of some kind for the day seems to be the most divisive issues.  Unless you’re going for an “alternative” style, you’re going to wear shoes.  The vast majority of brides will have some sort of jewelry.  And a still large majority will have something in their hair.  But a purse?  Having a purse puts you in the minority.

This is simultaneously shocking and totally expected to me.  Even on your wedding day, you still have a small list of things you need to keep with you (lip gloss/stick, ID (I’m a firm believer in ALWAYS having your ID on you, just in case), credit card/emergency funds, meds, etc), so why not have a bag you can keep them in?  On the other hand, it’s not like you’re going to carry it down the aisle, dance with it, or potentially need it at all times, so why bother?  So the real question is…do you need one?

Just like any other part of the wedding, you need to look at this one step at a time.  First of all, do you want one?  If the answer is no, then you’re done!  Scratch that off your to-do list and go have a glass of wine.  If you do, or if you’re on the fence, take a look at why you might want one.  Do you have any medications you need to take at a particular time?  Do you want to have any makeup touch-up items with you?  Are you going to need an ID or credit card for some reason?  (Hint, the answer is always yes.  Always be prepared!)  Think of anything you’d consider putting in it.  Are these things you need with you at all times?  Just some of the time?  Just in an emergency?  At that point, the question is, do YOU need to be in possession of these items, or can they go to a friend?  If it’s something that could go in a special part of the “wedding day emergency kit”, or could be held by one of your bridesmaids, then that’s an option to consider.  If it’s something you might need immediate access to, that’s more of a reason to consider having a purse for yourself.

If you decide you want one, this is another area very similar to choosing shoes: not everyone is going to see it, and they sure aren’t going to see it all the time, so it’s another great opportunity to show off your personality and flair without the risk of looking like a crazy person.  You can go classic and pick something in a shade that matches or compliments your dress, you can go bright and blingy, and you can go anywhere in between.  You can choose a small clutch, a big clutch, an actual purse, the possibilities are really endless!

I wasn’t going to use one, but after I found the clutches that I wanted to get for the bridesmaids (click here for a reminder!), I changed my mind.  I thought they were just too cute, and I’m far too selfish to buy some for my friends and NOT buy one for myself.  I figure since we’re going out for an unofficial after party when the reception is over, it’ll be a good thing to have so I can keep my phone and wallet with me (can you tell I was just looking for an excuse?).  Obviously, since I went with bright blue shoes, I have to go with the bright blue bag!

What are your plans as far as a purse goes?  Are you going to have one?  Any idea what you want it to look like?


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  1. I wasn’t planning on having a purse(goes to have a glass of wine)! … oh wait… it’s 9 am and I’m in lab. Booo… wine later I suppose…
    I, too, like to have my ID, a credit card, and my phone on me at all times. Even when someone gives me a ride to soccer so I don’t need any of them, they still come with me just in case. I think one of my bridesmaids has threatened to take my phone away starting 24 hours before the wedding to keep me from freaking out with people trying to get a hold of me but as for the other two… I guess I will just ask someone to hold them for me – such as the bridesmaid who already will have my phone hostage…

  2. I tend to feel kind of lost without something to hold at least my phone, some chapstick, and a credit card in. The problem is I can’t really do the cute little clutch purses; if it doesn’t have a strap that I can keep on me at all times, it’s getting put down somewhere and forgotten. I really love this clutch, but a) I can’t even remotely afford it and b) it will get left at the reception. I don’t really like the idea of running around all night with a strap over my shoulder all night either – it is my wedding day after all. I might just relinquish control over my stuff (the horror) and let one of my bridesmaids stuff it in her purse all night. I’d give my stuff to my mother, but her purse is an abyss from which items rarely escape.
    Source: via Ariella on Pinterest

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