I Finally Got My Dress!

I picked up my dress Saturday.  Just getting the call that my dress was finally in was a huge relief.  I was originally told it should be 4 – 6 months, so it hitting 8 months was incredibly nerve-wracking.  Because of the way my schedule worked out, I couldn’t pick it up for another month (it came in mid-February), which was stinky, but I felt infinitely better just knowing my dress was in (I had started have nightmares about a phone call like “oh, your dress was delayed because they actually lost the order…you have to pick a new one”).

I was the first appointment of the day and brought just my mom with me.  The goal of the day was to pick up my dress and veil, and to choose a hair accessory.  We got to meet with Kim, the same consultant I had worked with when we ordered the dress.  She kind of reminds me of an SNL character because of the way she talks (not any one in particular, just like somebody you’d expect to see there), so it always makes for a fun day.  When I first walked into the room, I had a slight panic attack…I thought for a moment one of my nightmares was coming true.  The back of the dress was showing, and it’s not like I spent a lot of time looking at the back before, and I didn’t recognize it.  It had these little flower details on the back and there wasn’t beading as far down as I remembered, and I was starting to go “oh my GOD it’s the wrong dress!!” in my head until Kim turned it around.  Nope, the front is perfect, I’m just silly.

We scoured the dress to check for beading and edging, and everything seemed to be in order.  All the pieces were there, the beading was attached, there were no stains or uneven cut lines, it was ready to go!

In case you didn’t know, corsets take a LONG time to get laced up all the way.  It took my mom and Kim a solid 5 minutes.  5 minutes doesn’t sound like a long time, but when it’s 5 minutes of constant pulling against you, it really is kind of tiring.  But it was totally worth it, because that back is absolutely perfect.  I can’t imagine having had any other type of back to it.  Nevermind the fact that it makes my awesome waist that showed up recently from all my gym time look FABULOUS.

I had brought my shoes and jewelry with me to finally try it all on together.  The shoes are just as perfect with the dress as I wanted them to be.  Score!  The jewelry…n0t so much.  Since I had been looking for things without actually have the dress to use as reference, and had waited couple months after having tried it on to start looking for jewelry, it was all kind of a guess.  The earrings were great, sparkly without being overpowering, and dangled enough to have movement without it looking silly to me (I don’t like dangly earrings when my hair is up; I’m weird like that).  The necklace was kind of a miss though.  It’s a beautiful necklace, but the metal is just too prevalent and it looked really dark next to the dress and it didn’t really match the way I wanted it to.  So, new mission for the day: find a necklace too!

Beyond knowing I wanted a hair comb that would sit just above my veil (so they would kind of look like one piece, but BOOM I could remove the veil during the reception and still have the comb), I didn’t really have any direction I knew I wanted to go with it.  Kim was awesome and was able to choose a couple of pieces for me to try that were all actually really nice, so massive props to her for really understanding my personality and style even when I wasn’t clear on it.  A lot of them were pretty, but weren’t quite right.  Eventually she brought in one that had a lot of subtle sparkle and some flowers made of folded organza.  It looked like it was made to go with the dress and veil.  Absolutely perfect!

The necklace was harder.  Anything with rhinestones was too over powering, and there aren’t any pearl type qualities on my dress (or anywhere else on my outfit for that matter), so I really needed to stick to crystals.  The first couple just blended in, it didn’t look like I had a necklace on at all!  We finally found one that was a lariat style necklace that was beautiful.  It was all clear crystal beads, with a few rhinestone rondelles, and a pendant.  It was perfect…until we found the price tag.  My mom at first thought it must have been a style number, because as pretty as it was there was no way it was $250.  No way.  Alas, it was.

Since that was an absolutely ridiculous amount of money for us, we decided to bust out some of my mom’s old skills.  My mom used to do a ton of beading, so we decided we’d try to recreate it ourselves!  We drew a sketch of the necklace, used our hand spans to measure the lengths, and took counts of the larger beads.  We’ve already found almost all the pieces (except for the pendant, we’re still looking for that), so it’s just a matter of getting everything ordered.  Now I get the beautiful necklace custom-made for me, and it gets to be extra special because my mommy made it!

Afterwards, we enjoyed a fantastic lunch and walked around the nearby shopping center.  The weather was absolutely beautiful, and it really was quite the perfect day.  We changed our plans a bit, and after leaving Lansing we decided to stay in Kalamazoo a second night and just drive home in the morning.  Tim and I put the final touches on the invitations so he could start printing them this week, and we finalized our centerpieces.  It really was an awesome weekend.

I’m going to call the seamstress I used when I needed my bridesmaid’s dress altered when Tim’s sister got married last summer about having her do the work on my dress.  It really only needs to be shortened and have a bustle added, and possible sewing in some bust cups at the top.

On a side note, when we were walking around the shopping center I found this.  It made me think of you Potassium 🙂


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  1. Yay! I’m glad it all turned out. My mom is making my dress and it’s sort of been us learning together about what I want and then how to make it happen. I totally am freaking out right now that it’s not going to work out and that I’m going to end up having to buy a dress really quickly and it won’t be what I wanted blah blah blah… :-/
    You look amazing in your dress! I love the comb idea! My friend and I are going to make my veil and I’ve been trying to decide how I want it to attach to my head (comb, clip, etc). Plus it sounds like you had a great wedding weekend overall! 🙂 Allllsooooo I love the shark! Thanks for posting him/thinking of me when you saw him! 😀 Hehehehe…

    • Thanks! I’m sure your dress will work out just fine! That’s really neat that your mom is making it. It makes it special!

      The veil being on a comb helps fantastically, because I can just slip it out without it causing too much damage to whatever hair style I have going on. The clip is a good idea if you don’t think you’ll want to take it off, it’s easily the most stable option.

      Every time I see a shark I instantly think of you! My mom didn’t understand why I absolutely had to take a picture of the shark, I think she was judging me 🙂

  2. Congratulations on finally getting your dress! I’m sure that was nerve-wracking, but you look gorgeous in it! I also really like your comb. Corsets are work to get in, but they look lovely. I kind of want to add a corset back to my dress.

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