Happy Pi Day!

As a nerd, I feel obligated to point out today is Pi day!  I can’t wait until 2015, because that will be an epic Pi day…

While I’m here, I’m going to make a quick personal update…yes, I trapped you with nerdiness (or if you’re not a nerd you think I misspelled pie, in which case I trapped you with a false typo).

We are really struggling with the detail decisions we have left.  I think we used up all our decision-making skills earlier in the planning.  We still have none of our songs picked for the reception, and we meet with the DJ in 2 weeks.  Our centerpiece idea fell through when we realized I kill plants too quickly and the flowers were all dead within 12 hours when we did a mock-up this past weekend (I swear I’m cursed or something), so we’re back to square one on that.  There was some family drama over the guest list (which means I’m now inspired to write a post on dealing with family drama, so I’ll share that story later).  Lots of little things, and it seems that every time we finish one thing, three more pop up.  It’s getting intense, but it’s okay, because…

I get to go pick up my dress this weekend!

It’s finally in, and I can’t tell you how relieved I am.  Or how relieved I was.  I felt better knowing it actually exists (since its 3 months late…), but then I started thinking too much about it.  I haven’t seen it in 8 months…what if I don’t love it anymore?  What if it’s the wrong dress?  Or the wrong size?  What if I gained weight?  What if the color is different?  What if I get attacked by a herd of pumas in the parking lot?!

I know I know, it’ll probably be fine, but I’m really worried about those pumas…

There will be an update on Saturday or Sunday about my dress retrieving adventure, and maybe if you’re nice I might post a picture 🙂  Tim refuses to look at the blog until after the wedding (he’s convinced all I do is complain about him, which is funny because he’s been so helpful and supportive through the whole wedding process), so I don’t have to be concerned about him seeing it if I post it.

Soon I’ll have a new DIY post.  It’s something that’s been done for a while, but it’s needed some tweaking and some test runs.  I’m kind of pumped about it, because it’s probably the most subtle yet in your face display of our nerdiness we have for the wedding.  How can it be both?  Because it’s cool if you don’t know what it is, and it’s downright awesome if you recognize it.

Anywho, enjoy your Pi day!  Eat some pie!


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  1. Yaaaaaay pi day! I didn’t even think about the greatness that will be pi day in 2015… If we weren’t getting married this year, I think I would want to get married on 3/14/15 even if it is in the middle of the week… (checks) OMG It’s a Saturday! I hope someone awesome gets married then. Maybe we will just have a party just to celebrate. The dinner will be pie of course… Whoa… off topic…
    I totally understand what you mean. I feel like we have hit a wall with our planning too. I am so tired of the details and so excited for the day that I just want someone to plan the details for me so we can just show up. But I think that’s probably a bad idea because the ceremony isn’t planned at all right now… :-/ We have two officiants (making things complicated) and they both have given us stuff to work on the ceremony but we haven’t done anything yet. Sorry to hear about your centerpiece tragedy. Ours are nonexistent right now. I keep getting ideas and then nothing happens…. >_<

  2. Thank you for reminding me of the date – it would have been tragic if I’d forgotten about it. I’m getting married in September, but I originally wanted to get married on Pi Day. Of course, it would be in the middle of the week unless we waited until 3/14/15 as @iampotassium pointed out. I don’t think we want to wait that long, but it would be pretty damn epic to have that as your wedding date. I’d love to see your dress (I’ve become a wedding porn junkie since I started my planning).

    • Thanks for commenting! Pi day would probably be the most epic wedding date in history. I seriously hope one of my friends takes advantage of it.

      And just because you asked, I’ll try to get a picture of the dress up 🙂

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