Accessories: One Bling To Rule Them All

Unlike your shoes which will be covered (unless you’re wearing a shorter dress), jewelry is out there for all the world to see.  This means that while you may have gone gung-ho on your shoes (since they’re kind of your little secret), a little more thought needs to go into your jewelry choices.  I am by no means saying you need to play it safe or boring here, but it does merit a some more attention.

Your basic choices are your necklace, earrings, and bracelet.  If you’re wearing a shorter dress, maybe an anklet crossed your mind.  Maybe you have other rings you love to wear.  I for one have an opal ring I NEVER take off, so there’s a good chance I will still wear it for the wedding.  You can, in theory, wear whatever you want wherever you want.  The only stipulation is that your ring finger needs to be empty!  If you really want to still wear your engagement ring (and it’s not doubling as your wedding ring), most brides will wear it on their right hand until after the ceremony, then place it next to the wedding band before the reception.

The first obvious choice is what jewelry you want to actually wear and start looking for.  Some dresses lend themselves well to statement piece necklaces, and other seem to not need a necklace at all. Dresses with lots of details on the straps may distract from earrings (or vice versa).  My dress is strapless, so I knew I needed a necklace to break up the block that was my chest and shoulders (need I remind you of the “linebacker in drag” effect I have going on?).  I also don’t like long earrings when I have my hair up, so I knew I wanted shorter earrings, but not necessarily studs.  I don’t wear bracelets because my wrists are too tiny and bracelets tend to flop all over the place.  I’m sure at this point in your life you have a relatively good idea of what kinds of jewelry you prefer in what situations, so really what you choose to wear or not wear is your call.  Just be sure you have a clear idea of what it is you’re looking for before you start looking for it.

When I say “clear idea”, I don’t mean you have to essentially have the exact piece drawn out in your head.  What I mean is you should have an idea of what size, general shape, color, and level of bling/shine you’re looking for.  It will save you a lot of time and headaches if you can say “I want silver metal” or “I want pearl details”.  Even if it’s a semi-formed thought like “I think I want some blue stones”.  Just give yourself a direction before you dive in.  The direction can be as broad as “I want it to match my dress” or “I want it to totally stand apart from my dress”.  Even that will narrow your field.

Before you buy anything, check the return policy of the retailer.  It can be hard to picture exactly what the jewelry will look like when you actually put it on with the dress, so I definitely recommend trying it all on together.  If it’s not quite right, make note of what you like and dislike about it, take it back, and try again!

Finding jewelry can be a lot like finding the dress to begin with.  You may think you know exactly what you want, then get it on and realize it doesn’t have the effect you were hoping for.  Just like with finding the dress…that’s okay!  If you’re having trouble, try different styles and shapes on, and see what looks best on you and with the dress.  You may surprise yourself!

Jewelry is also an easy way to incorporate your something old, borrowed, or blue.  Is there a necklace your mom, grandmother, or aunt have that you love?  See if they’d be willing to let you borrow it for the day.  Bonus points if it’s something they wore at their own wedding!

As for where to find your jewelry, your options are really endless.  Obviously bridal salons carry an array of jewelry, but you can really look almost anywhere.  Try department stores or online (Zappos, Overstock, even Amazon!).  If you want something with an older feel check out antique shops.  If you want something unique try a local market (some farmer’s markets have a couple of booths with homemade jewelry that can be really high quality), or try searching around on Etsy.  My earrings came from the Crystal Bride, but my necklace came from Von Maur, and the two look like they were made for each other.

This post is a little hodge-podgey, so I apologize.  There are just too many different options when deciding on jewelry that I couldn’t keep my thoughts linear!


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  1. My preciousssssss blinggggggg… (cue Lord of the Rings music)… hehehe.
    I was thinking about wearing some dangly earrings but then I realized that if I am going to wear my hair down, maybe not since 1) people won’t be able to see them and 2) my hair enjoys eating/getting tangled up in dangly earrings. Hrmmmmmm back to the drawing board for me.
    I agree with your bracelet comment. My wrists are scrawny. I’m thinking just a simple necklace (I too will have a strapless dress) and then earrings… of some sort… Mysterious…

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