The Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Today our countdown rolled over to double digits, and we’re 99 days out!  Having started out at 469 (yes, I checked) it’s really crazy to finally be so close.  I was super excited a few weeks ago when I realized I could count the months on one hand, and I can’t imagine the excitement/panic that will ensue once I can do that with weeks.  There’s still a lot to do, but it’s a ton of little things that I can scatter in between bigger personal projects (those personal adventures will show up every once in a while here, just because if they work I’m going to be so darn proud of them that I need to share!).

Still on the docket:

  • Invitations – We’ve finalized the wording and formatting, so it’s just a matter of printing them.  Those will go out at the end of the month!
  • Favors – We have them decided, and we have all the pieces, it’s just going to be a matter of putting them together.  That will probably happen mid to late April.
  • Ceremony decorations – I still have NO idea what to do here.  We’ve talked about doing pew decorations, we’ve talked about doing something up at the altar, we’ve talked about candles, we’ve talked about leaving it all alone, we’ve got nothing.  If anyone has any suggestions I’m open to hearing them!
  • Music – We’ve picked the processional and recessional (which I am SUPER pumped about, but that’s for a later post), but we still haven’t picked a song for the unity candle part of the ceremony.  And we have NOTHING picked for the reception.  And we need to start our play and do not play lists.  I can tell you right now that Justin Bieber is going straight to the top of the “do not play” list.
  • Flowers – I have a meeting with the florist next weekend to finalize what I want.  So I should really make sure I know what I want.  I keep flip flopping…expect a “what do you think?” type post on this soon.  I also want to talk with her about getting flowers for the centerpieces we’re doing ourselves.  I found the flowers online, but I’d rather get them from her, so I’m going to see if she can match or beat the price.
  • Gifts – We need to start ordering the gifts for the bridal party.  I know what I’m doing for the girls, and Tim knows part of what he’s doing for the guys.  We’re still clueless on the parents.  We’re getting them nice albums after the wedding, but we want to give them something small (and possibly silly) for now.
  • Dress – I finally get to pick up my dress!  My mom and I are making the trek to Lansing the weekend of March 17 so I can finally pick up my dress and veil.  We’ll be looking at hair combs too, since I’ve decided to go that route for blinging out my hair.
  • Lists – Lots of lists.  And schedules.  Week of schedules, day of schedules, week after schedules…lists of what goes to the ceremony, what goes to the reception, what goes on the bus, what goes to multiple places, where does everyone’s cars need to be…it goes on and on.  There’s so much that I have a list of lists and a schedule of when I need to make schedules and lists.  It’s like this never-ending circle!
  • Honeymoon – We still have made pretty much no progress on this front.  I am slowly more and more thankful we’re waiting until January to go on ours.
  • DIY Projects – I still have a few DIY projects up my sleeve.  One of them I’m working on this weekend, so hopefully I’ll have an update for you on it next week!  Hint: it’s related to my epic table numbers.

I have a few things up my sleeve for the blog as well.  In the coming weeks I’ll be wrapping up posts about some of the general planning and will start focusing on more of the day-of and day-of prep type info since that’s what I’ll be in the middle of.

On a side note, thank you to everyone who visits on a regular basis!  After 62 posts, I’ve broken 1300 views!  I appreciate your comments and input, and hope you stick around!


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  1. Yay! Double Digits! That’s so exciting! Man… I have so many lists going on in my head right now… I totally understand about the never ending cycle of lists and schedules. We haven’t done anything with the honeymoon either but I think we are waiting until later for that too. We probably should book the hotel for our wedding night though… >_<

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