DIY Project #1: Votive Candleholders

One of the components of our centerpieces is a group of votive candles.  After much back and forth, we decided on some square ones that have a frosted finish.  They’re pretty, but they’re kind of boring.  We wanted to jazz them up a little, but didn’t want to do anything too overpowering.  This is what we came up with!

Here’s the plain votive.

See?  It’s nice, just not awesome.  Even though they were supposedly 2″ squares, the outside perimeter only measured about 7.5″.  Oh well, no biggie.

We found some 3/8″ ribbon in purple and cut a 7.5″ strip.  We wrapped the strip around the outside of one of the  holders and attached it with half of a scrap booking adhesive square (any double stick tape will do, but I just happened to have a 500 count box lying around, so it’s what we used; you could also glue it on, but I wanted something removable since we’re loaning these to a friend that gets married the week after us!).

To cover the ribbon ends, we found some flower embellishments at Michael’s from the “Brides” brand.  I took about 2/3 of the half of the adhesive square (the 1/2 was too big) and attached it to the back of the flower, then pressed the flower over the ribbon ends.  The flower is large enough to cover a small gap in the ribbons, which was good because there was some variation in the size of the votive holders.

Ta-da!  Now there’s just 83 more to go!


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