DIY Project Series

Hi all! There are a couple of DIY type projects that Tim and I are working on for the wedding. Some of them are as simple as the invitations we’re printing ourselves, but some of them are requiring some actual arts and crafts time. Now that we’re within 5 months (I can count the months on ONE HAND!), we’re really getting cracking on them. I was thinking it might be fun to share with you what we’re working on, so I’ve decided that intermittently I’ll post some pictures and an update on the project we’re working on at the time. These will come in addition to my normal posts, but this is something I really want to share with you! Some of them will be less artsy than others, but still fun.

I’m actually kicking one of the projects into high gear this weekend, so expect the first post of this series sometime in the next week.

After the wedding there will be bits I sell off (after all, what other use will I have for 20 table numbers?), so if you see something you like along the way, feel free to shoot me a message and call dibs so I know to not put them up for sale elsewhere.


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