Personal Update: I’m Home!

I just got home from spending a glorious 10 days gallivanting around Michigan.  I am utterly exhausted, but would do it all over again.  Here’s a little of what happened:

– I spent a couple of days on the east side of the state with Laura, my MOH and newly engaged best friend.  On top of the regular catching up, we went to a local bridal show to start gathering information for her.  While there we both registered for the prizes they were giving away before the fashion show.  The grand prize was a honeymoon to Jamaica.  They were about to announce the winner, and we both crossed our fingers, our legs, and then crossed our arms with each other’s…and they called my name!  We screamed, we were excited, everyone around me was congratulating me and seemed genuinely happy for me…until I got all the way up to the stage, at which point another girl finally stood up and goes “um, that’s my name too”.  They asked what city I was from,  and alas, the second girl was the actual winner.  Between the disappointment for me and her non-chalantness about receiving the awesome prize, the crowd proceeded to not only “awww” me, but they went on to boo the other girl.  The emcee felt bad about what happened, so they called me back up and gave me a $500 gift certificate to a bridal salon in the area.  Completely useless to me, but I gave it to Laura, so we still win!  Although that honeymoon would have been awesome…

– We met up with our caterer and got our menu written up for the reception.  Instead of just their event coordinator, we actually got to sit down with the owner of the company!  Not only are we totally happy with all of the choices we were offered, but it turns out there were some things I thought we had to pay for separately that are actually included in our other costs!  It doesn’t save a ton, but at this point every little bit counts.

– We decided I’m actually going to paint the backdrop for the head table and our table numbers.  I did an abstract thing for giggles (to say I have not had any discernible artistic talent is an understatement) 2 years ago that Tim loved despite the prominent fuchsia pink going on, and he asked if I could do the same kind of thing again but in our wedding colors.  I’m really excited to have the chance to not only do something like that again, but to make something we can use for the wedding and then hang up in our house afterward!  We bought some of the initial supplies I need to get started this past weekend.  Pictures will go up when I start working on it 🙂

Tim got his wisdom teeth out.  The day of and the day after were fine and went just the way they should, but the third day his lower extraction sites lost their clots…and we couldn’t get the bleeding to stop, and his pain went through the roof.  We went back to the oral surgeon who said everything was fine and that sometimes that can happen if the swelling is rapid, so we felt better about that, but I was still up every 3 hours over the course of the next few nights to get him the correct pain medication (since we had to alternate between 2) and switch out ice packs.  Hence the utter exhaustion I have going on now.  He’s doing fine now, but that was quite the couple of days…

I also received and made a few phone calls that sound like they’re heading towards promising leads on jobs in the area.  2 companies have a general interest in me and are looking for positions they think I might fit well into, and a third likes the potential fit into a specific position they have.  Here’s to hoping I can find a job before the wedding!


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