Personal Update: Christmas Break!

I had a fabulous time with my family, Tim’s family, and of course Tim over the course of the past 2 weeks.  Not only did we get to spend some quality time together, but we all managed to be productive at the same time!  Lots of wedding stuff got done while we were all together, and I feel so much better about everything than I did even a month ago.

– The bridesmaids dresses are in!  It’s a good thing I already know they look good on the girls, because the shape looks AWFUL on the hangar.  It’s amazing what getting a dress cut shorter will do to how it hangs (we tried them on at floor length, but I got them at tea length).  I’m thrilled with the color they came out, and despite there being two different dresses in the mix the colors all match.  My sister tried hers on and it still looks great, and she’s still happy with her choice, so I’m happy.  I’m shipping the one down to Tim’s sister in Texas, and I’m hand delivering the one for Laura this weekend since I get to go see her!

– After weeks of waffling back and forth on it, Tim and I finally made a concrete decision on what we want our centerpieces to look like.  I got all the pieces ordered, and we started putting them together.  Yeah it may be 5 months out (AH IT’S ONLY 5 MONTHS), but there’s going to be a LOT of assembly involved for our wedding details, so we’re getting a jump on them now.   There’s 80 votives to wrap ribbons around, and we knocked out 20 of them this weekend.

– We also ordered the first bits of our favors.  We’re waiting on ordering the edible pieces of course, but the containers got here, and I’m TOTALLY PUMPED.  But shh, it’s a secret for now.  Currently all I can/need to do is wash them…which is going to be a pain.  140 to go…

– We got most of the bar figured out.  We think we’re going to do some kind of signature drink, but we’re still working on that part.  Originally we were doing an open beer and wine bar, but Tim’s parents offered to cover the difference to upgrade to a full open bar.  Thank you Tim’s parents!

– My parents and us wanted to do a morning after brunch for all the family that’s traveling a good distance to come (which is really mostly just my family…it’s huge), and we made a decision on that and got that booked.  That was also originally in my budget plan, but my parents offered to pick up that tab, freeing up some funds for other things that look like they may go over budget.  Thanks mom and dad!

– We FINALLY got a hold of the family friend of Tim’s that’s going to do our premarital counseling.  He had been traveling a lot, so we kept missing him.  I was starting to get nervous, but we managed to get him on the phone with the two of us the other day to talk about what we need to do.  Considering how much I didn’t want to do the counseling, this actually sounds like it might be, dare I say it, fun.

Don’t worry, my vacation time wasn’t just wedding planning.  There was plenty of football watching, a chocolate fondue outing, and some quality Zelda time (if you’re a Zelda fan and haven’t started Skyward Sword…it’s kind of amazing, seriously), not to mention some much needed sleeping in.  It was FANTASTIC to spend more than a day and a half with Tim for the first time in what feels like ages.  I’m getting spoiled rotten over the next 3 weeks and get to do it again the end of this week AND for a good portion of next week.  It’s NUTS!

Look at us, feeling all accomplished and everything.


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