The Test Run: Engagement Pictures

Tim and I spent an evening with our fabulous photography duo Bryan and Mae a few weeks ago for an engagement picture session.  A couple of weeks ahead of our appointment, they asked us what kind of setting we wanted for our pictures so they could scout out some locations.  I wanted something more organic and rustic (trees, barns, etc), while Tim wanted something more industrial (metal and the like).  Completely opposite pages right?  Too bad our photographers are completely awesome and managed to find a barn in the middle of a field right across the street from a metal pole barn type building.  It was like it was put there just for us!

Most photographers include an engagement session in their packages, and at first I didn’t really get it.  In my head, we were taking the pictures months after we had gotten engaged, and to take pictures to commemorate it sounded silly.  But I was missing the point.  It’s not necessarily just about taking the pictures, it’s a chance for you to get comfortable with the idea that someone is going to follow you around with a camera and take pictures while you pretend they’re not, and a chance for you to get to know each other so you’re not being followed by strangers and they’re not stalking strangers.

If your photographer doesn’t include a session in their package, I definitely recommend adding one in if your budget allows.  The first 10 minutes were extraordinarily awkward (and they warned us it would be), and being able to get over that in a low pressure setting was awesome.  Doing it now means we’re more than likely not going to feel that on the wedding day (we’ll just feel nervous about everything else!).  Those are NOT the pictures I want to have the awkward “I’m trying to not look at the camera/smile without getting cheesy” face.

They spent about 2 hours with us and were great at coaching us through the pictures, especially the ones that felt silly at the time (but ended up being the best ones!).  A month later they sent us a link to an online gallery of 80 pictures where we could order prints from them, and then sent us a disc in the mail with rights to print our own copies of the pictures (and special versions that could go on Facebook without breaking it that had their watermark on them).  To say I spent a solid hour and a half silently (and sometimes not so silently) judging myself is an understatement, but that was to be expected 😛  There are 12 I actively dislike (8 of which are “does my face really look like that?” and has no reflection on Tim or the picture itself), but there are 40 of the remaining ones I love and intend on putting in an album at some point.

I’ve tried to maintain some anonymity for the sake of keeping some of the wedding details a secret from our guests in case they stumble across the blog, but I figure anyone who’s really motivated to figure it out can already piece it together, so I went ahead and posted my favorite picture from the grouping.  I hope you like it as much as we do!


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  1. love love love your photos!

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