Hi all!  No post today as I am one of those silly adults who still fully embraces Halloween and was too busy finishing up my Link costume (from the Legend of Zelda, for those of you who haven’t experienced its magic) and handing out candy to write a new post.  I hope you all enjoyed your weekend, and I’ll get back to writing up some advice in time for Thursday 🙂

Happy Halloween!

Hey! Listen!


UPDATE!  First of all, I’d like to point out that I have been forever cemented as a nerd in the bowels of the internet.  My pumpkin carving made the front page of the Fandom section of Memebase.

Second of all, by popular demand, me in my costume!


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  1. Happy Halloween to you! I would love to see a photo of your finished costume 🙂 This is the first halloween of my life (which adds up to 25 years today!) that I did not make a costume. I am decked out in orange and black for work though, embracing the Halloween spirit! Hope you have a great Halloween!

    • Happy Halloween to you too! This is by far the most involved I’ve gotten in making a costume before, but I plan on this being used for various nerd-cons 🙂 I’ll update with a picture of me actually in the costume (although I’m thinking it probably looks better on the dress form!) after tonight when there’s someone around to man the camera.

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