We Interupt This Broadcast To Bring You A Special News Bulletin

I promise to do this incredibly rarely, but this is a special occasion.  This is not a wedding related post, and to those of you waiting for my next tid bit of advice, I apologize, but you’ll just have to wait until Monday as usual.

As a scientist, I feel obligated to request a moment of silence this afternoon at 2PM Central as the Tevatron is shut down for the last time after 28 years of service.  While the rest of the lab will carry on, and high energy collider work will be continued by the LHC, it is still sad to see such a meaningful and long-standing contributor to scientific discovery finally get powered down.  It will shut down with the entire site watching and celebrating its work, but the little fanfare it receives from us here pales in comparison to what it deserves.  For most of the world it will drift quietly into the night, and most people won’t notice a difference, or even know it was there to begin with, but for those of us who have worked on it and with it for some portion of our lives will know, and we plan to honor it.

Long live the Tevatron!


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